Friday, November 7, 2014

Lets Celebrate! 500. post - Second Anniversary - TToE in Cinemas - recent photoshoots

The Theory of Everything is in cinemas now although in very limited release yet, but I have two more reasons to 
celebrate today. This is my 500. post in this blog about Eddie Redmayne and this is the second anniversary of 
my obsession. I became his fan two years ago. Celebrate this with a few of Eddie's latest breathtaking photos.

Eddie Redmayne photoshoot by Dan MacMedan for USA Today 

(x) - (x)

Redmayne deflects much of the Oscar buzz that’s chased him since The Theory of Everything lifted off at the Toronto International Film Festival. ‘I know it sounds silly, but when you’re worked hard on something, and when it’s a story you care about, and about people you care about, of course it feels so lovely,’he says. ‘But I don’t think you could stay sane if you really paid too much attention to it.’”  - read more

Just Jared: Eddie Redmayne Receives 'JJ Spotlight' Treatment
Exclusive new pics and interview from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight Series.
In the interview he talked about his favorite moment from the whole process. “The first was meeting Stephen himself.
Once I got over my debilitating nerves it was wonderful. He is geniusly funny,” Eddie more

Buzz is a fickle thing. One minute you have it, the next you don’t. But when it’s good, when it’s real, it’s a slow steady hum that continues until suddenly all you hear about is this person. Over the past couple of years, this person has been Jennifer Lawrence, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael B. Jordan, Channing Tatum. Now, Eddie Redmayne is about to become one.
In The Theory of Everything, Redmayne plays theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking as an adult—from the time he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) as a Cambridge student to his time as a wheelchair-bound science (and pop) icon who wrote A Brief History of Time. It’s a transformation unlike almost anything else on screen this year—and it’s already leading to speculation that the 32-year-old actor could get an Oscar nod for his performance.
But Theory of Everything, out in select cities today, is just the beginning. Next up Redmayne is part of the all-star (Channing Tatum! Mila Kunis!) cast of Andy and Lana Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending, which the actor calls “this absolutely insane, huge mixture of Greek theater mixed with fairy tale mixed with a state-of-the-world story.”... read more

Photo Josh Valcarcel/WIRED (x)

Another nice photoshoot

Eddie poses for a portrait at the Trump International Hotel during 
the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto. 
Photo by Chris Pizzello (x) via yahoo

Photoshoot by Ethan Hill

And two more beautiful new photo


mtwnews: We got to chat with the talented Eddie Redmayne about his movie opening today,
“The Theory of Everything” (x)

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