Friday, November 22, 2013

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - filmography part 3

After Tess is married to Angel Clare, he tells her a 48 hours affair he had once, and she him the dark secret from the unread letter. On learning of her past, Angel abandons her, he sets off for Brazil alone. Tess returns home, then seeks another farm maid employ. On the road she meets Alec D'Urberville, now a traveling preacher, who claims to be converted. She refuses to stay with him. He proposes marriage, insisting even after he learns she's already wed but abandoned. She keeps writing to Angel, who can't answer as he is gravely ill.

Normally Eddie Redmayne speaks in an English English standard RP accent, but in "Tess" is emits a pretty authentic sounding West Country Dorset accent, essentially rural in nature and pretty much as it probably was in the mid 19th century in that part of Southern England, although Angel Clare came from a fairly affluent background, his father being a Dorset clergyman but chose, for personal reasons, to take a job as a dairyman on a farm buried in the depths of the truly beautiful Dorset countryside, so wonderfully captured on screen in this serial... ( x )


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