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Cool photoshoot by Richard Grassie from 2008 & New York Moves article

Eddie Redmayne / New York Moves, May 2008
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“They wanted me to audition for, I shit you not, a role called “The Havard Hootie”. And I read it and this guy is supposed to be incredibly good-looking, sporty, strong… I was like, guys, seriously. Probably not…[Or] the main protagonist running around pre-historic Asia in a lindcloth. And I’m like ”I’m a white, pasty English boy. Can you imagine anything more revolting than watching me run around semi-naked? But you never know.”

As for what it’s like being thrust into a constant cycle of travel and spending time in the US away from home? Redmayne seems grateful to have the opportunity to experience it in the first place.
“If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in these places and be able to go and see things, it’s great,” he says. “You get an instant insight into the reality of these towns and cities and you’re not just being a tourist.”

From filming in post-Katrina New Orleans for the upcoming The Yellow Handkerchief (“That city, I swear…it makes you think why every other city in the world doesn’t take advice. [The people] seem to have taken. The drive and humor that comes from it is a special thing. “], to visiting New York (“[It’s] a thrill. My God this tragedy and their strife from the other end, you guys are almost apathetical to how much is there. One of the luckiest things I’ve been doing is spending so much time in New York.”), to having friends involved with the upcoming presidential race in America [“It’s extraordinary for us [in the UK], because we get the news filtered through and half a day later. And I’m trying to see how this thing is swinging back and forth and how much of it now seems based on instinct, and it’s amazing to see from across the pond. Some of my friends are out there campaigning for Hillary Clinton and they’ve traveled over from the UK, speaking passionately, with a commitment and drive that is enough to encourage someone to go out and vote.”) Redmayne is clearly embracing his newfound experiences as an opportunity to not only grow in front of the camera, but to learn from the people he’s been surrounded with behind-the-scenes as well.

you can find the pics here too (1) (2) (3) (4)

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