Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jonathan Ross Show - January 19, 2013

Eddie was one of the the guests of the Jonathan Ross Show aired on 
January 19, 2013
Eddie chatted to Jonathan about his role in the big screen adaptation of 
"Les Miserables" and going to school with Prince William. They talked 
about the Golden Globe Awards, Eddie’s freckles, lips and bum too.

My night with Eddie Redmayne 
Cristina Cocco on “Jonathan Ross Show” recording ( x )
Eddie’s green eyes are marked by the American jet lack ( and by 20 minutes into Ross’ clutches); He’s tired and worn-out by fortnight of events, ceremonies and awards but, as always, in spite of a plane to Berlin from there a few hours, Eddie does not deny a pleasant chat, an autograph or a photo to anyone who comes close...
During the show, Eddie is repeatedly put in difficulty by Ross that, as always, has no mercy for anyone to sit on the leather couch of the study.

Link: Kimberley Walsh talks music and marriage with Jonathan Ross

photos source: eddieredmayne.web & (the photos are cropped) & (x)
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Update 21 March 2014:
Link: sirredmayne gifs

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