Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy looks - March 2012 Photoshoot by Boo George for The Telegraph

Easy On The Eye: Eddie Redmayne models easy looks for spring ( x )
10 March 2012 Photographs, Boo George; styled by Dan May.
Eddie Redmayne - fashion's favourite pin-up - showcases the pick of spring's menswear.
Article by Sophie de Rosee: Eddie Redmayne on fashion, freckles and his modelling sideline

These are cropped images, the original photos are here

YAHOO answers reference Question ( x ):
What does the phrase "easy on the eyes" mean exactly?
Heat seeking missile asked 7 years ago
-- Nice to look at. You know, 'eye candy' 
Example: Johnny Depp, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way
- pretty, pleasant looking...
-- Looks good. handsome, pretty, etc.
-- Good looking. Like, if someone was ugly they'd be hard to look at, hard on the eyes. But if they're attractive they're easy on the eyes meaning it doesn't hurt or bother you to look at them.
-- You know, that you enjoy looking at what or who ever it is. Do you know what "money shot" means? I'd reconsider.
-- Physically attractive.
-- pretty or handsome
-- It doesn't 'hurt' your eyes to look - so someone who is good looking
-- Anything that's pleasant to look at. Doesn't have to be a person. Anything.
-- do-able
-- it means that ur really hot or really pretty
-- it means whoever said it to u thinks u are nice to look its a big complement they r saying u r pretty.
-- adorable and attractive.....
-- Like when i think about it My eyes lower about half way and it seems like the eyes are relaxing and maybe 

thats why its called EASY on the eyes

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