Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toronto shoot by Carlo Allegri 2011 - UHQ photos, Andrea Portes interview and quotes

These photos were taken when Eddie Redmayne was at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting Hick in September 10, 2011. He's so serious and beautiful in these pictures. I found these (and more) ultra high quality photos in the spanish fan site's gallery. Click on the pictures for the best quality (UHQ)!

Interview with Andrea Portes by Erica Abeel 05/08/2012
Hick's author, Andrea Portes, who also wrote the screenplay said about Eddie Redmayne:
„I am giddy for people to see Eddie Redmayne as Eddie Kreezer. He's just riveting. It's beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. It's nice, too, because off camera he's just a really kind, smart, self-deprecating, English gent. He's top shelf.”

Eddie Redmayne quotes ( x ):
About acting in movies: 
When I started acting professionally, it was always theater. I'm so ignorant about film, but I'm getting slightly betterafter having been chastised by many co-stars. It's been a massive learning curve. When I started off doing film, I did some bad work that I wasn't happy with. But you just kind of have to grow with it and learn from it.
About Googling himself:
Several times. I looked up myself on IMDB, and it was so horrific. I realized it probably wasn't the way forward. And I have this rancid habit of Googling reviews, which I've got to stop doing.

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