Thursday, November 14, 2013

Donmar dressing room photosession 2009 & artwork about Eddie and "Red"

Photosession by Will Wintercross in the dressing room of the Donmar Warehouse on December 22, 2009. 
The photos were taken to "The Independent Magazine" article by Paul Taylor:
The World`s His Stage - Eddie Redmayne: The darling of the Donmar is making tracks into Hollywood 
"Eddie Redmayne is, by common consent, one of the most exciting actors to hit both stage and screen since the auspicious advent of Mark Rylance some 30 years ago. Indeed, it was Rylance who gave Redmayne his first break, casting him as Viola to his own astonishing Olivia in the all-male Twelfth Night that the Globe performed at Middle Temple Inn in February 2002."

"Lanky, glittery-eyed, and blessed with the ability to move in a manner that seems to grant unimpeded access to the friction of the inner life....
The actor's powers of observation are remarkable. It's a gift likely to be evident in his new film, The Yellow Handkerchief, with William Hurt and Kristen Stewart"

Artwork - Eddie Redmayne portrait by Rebekah Stanhope ( x ) and the photo that may inspired it.

I really like this photo collection.
These are edited (cropped) pictures, the original photos source here.
Eddie Redmayne Web gallery photos

Bonus - Ken Fallin Illustrates: Molina & Redmayne in RED! ( x )

Illustration by Ken Fallin;

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