Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - filmography part 4

After her father takes ill and dies, Tess's  family being forced out of their house, and she again finds herself at the mercy of Alec, who offers the Durbeyfields a home and support. Angel returns from Brazil and tracks down his wife, but by the time he finds her, she is well established as D'Uberville's mistress. Still in love with Angel, she takes a drastic step before running away with him. They then have only a few days together.


Eddie Redmayne has a lot of fun with Angel Clare, replacing the self-righteousness and pomposity of Hardy's original with puppy-dog innocence....
'So, it's nice to be playing a kind - albeit flawed - English gentleman,' says Redmayne, who is dressed as Angel in linen trousers and pale-blue waistcoat, and handsome enough to cut it as one of those cardigan-clad models on the cover of hip fashion magazines. ( x )


The flashback that does not appear in the book. This has been created by Nicholls, to come after the moment in the original when Tess is arrested by the police at Stonehenge: 'What is it, Angel?' she says. 'Have they come for me?'
'I've read it 30 times now and find it completely heartbreaking,' Nicholls says, 'but if you put that on screen and then she's executed, it's rather abrupt.' So in the adaptation, after Tess sits upright and says quietly, 'I am ready,' the screen fades to black. Then there is the sound of a brass band playing, and it fades into the scene on the cliff, where Tess is dancing with the girls in her white ivory dress, as she did four years before. ( x )

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