Sunday, November 24, 2013

Funny moments - pictures and videos

After the Tess filmography we need a happier topic. I collected some pictures and videos of Eddie Redmayne about he makes his friends and co-stars laugh and about some funny moments of him.

Here are some funny YouTube videos (fanmade tribute videos and Les Mis Q&A videos)

pictures source: gallery
gifs are from tumblr
'Les Miserables" SAG screening and Q&A gifs here


  1. Hi there! I love your blog very much and just found a great video posted on Youtube by YoungVicLondon on 11.12.2013, called "Life's a pitch". The whole video is quite funny, but the part with Eddie (from 04:53 to 06:44) is the best! Would be great if you could upload it for everybody to enjoy.

  2. I wrote a post about this video (12.12.2013) and put it into the funny Eddie video list. You can watch it here in this post too.


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