Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tess of the D'Urbervilles - filmography part 2

After the death of her child, Tess makes her way to a prosperous farm where, working as a milkmaid. Tess realises quickly who Angel is when she arrives at the Talbothay's dairy farm to work, they've already met briefly at the May Day parade, but its while working together on the diary farm and sharing a joyful summer together, that they fall in love.

Eddie Redmayne about Tess's character: "Also in this adaptation, Tess's purity and strength of character is very modern and we see a transformation from a girl to a woman. It highlights the difference to sex and relationships when it comes to men and women."
Eddie explains why he thinks the character of Tess still has such appeal: "Hardy had the boldness to create a character with great strength at that time, which I think is what makes her so enduring and relevant today. Also the reality of life then, the day-in day-out toil with no respite, gives a real insight into those times." ( x )

David Blair about Eddie Redmayne ( x ):
'Eddie has that quality that suggests there is always something in reserve,’ Blair says. 'He is very bright and he doesn’t tell us everything about himself upfront, which makes him very interesting.’

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