Thursday, November 28, 2013

Artworks about Eddie

I found the making of video of the first picture on GOOGLE and I decided to make a post about artworks depicting Eddie. I selected a few, that I like. Most of the pictures are from the deviantART website. The creators are mostly
young artists, students and Eddie's fans.

Eddie Redmayne by Oriol Arumí (Uriolus)

Video: The making of... Eddie Redmayne

Redmayne by Lauren (tuxedos)
tuxedos: Quick painting of Eddie Redmayne to test out cs5. I got a new computer and my old program doesn't work on it so here's just a big sloppy mess as I was trying to see which brushes were nice and I actually messed with one and made it fairly similar to the one in elements 4.0. Meh. How do lip

Sloppy bleh by Lauren (tuxedos)
tuxedos: Still drawing Eddie Redmayne. He's such a great person. Well uh I kind of just gave up on this halfway through finishing it and so it's really um blotchy and I hardly touched his hair so it's all stringy and sad. Oh well. How the freaking heck do you draw swords it is literally impossible to draw straight lines. /sob

My friends, my friends by Emmi Li Lindberg (VikingSoup)
VikingSoup: don’t ask me what your sacrifice was for
The glorious Eddie Redmayne, who is the only one I ever paint nowadays. Not sorry.

Matchstick by Emmi Li Lindberg (VikingSoup)
VikingSoup: Red is my favorite color.

There's a Grief that can't be spoken by Louise (MangoSurprise)
MangoSurprise: I recently saw the film version of les miserables, and I have to say, despite being wary as I adore the stage version, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to do a quick painting of eddie redmayne; his rendition of empty chairs at empty tables was brilliant. I'm thinking about possibly making it a series of portraits, continuing with perhaps eponine, jean valjean etc?

Eddie Redmayne by Cecilie Pagh (Casimira)

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