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Eddie Redmayne's Family

                        BAFTA Awards 2013                                  Evening Standard British Film Awards 2013

Charlie Redmayne - Hannah, Eddie and Annabel Redmayne (Charlie's wife)

Eugenie Redmayne
His father Richard Redmayne is a managing director at a bank, his mother Patricia Redmayne (Burke) worked at a relocation-office. She's a stylish woman, always interested in fashion.
He has two half-siblings - Charles, CEO at HarperCollins UK, and Eugenie, who became an investment banker and worked for the Prudential, both of them have extremely successful careers
His older brother is James and is the Managing Director at CVC Hong Kong
His younger brother is called Thomas (Tom), he's the Director of Business Development UK at Wiredscore.
The family based in Chelsea in London.
Some infos are from the book:
'Eddie Redmayne - The biography' by Emily Herbert

Eddie and James Redmayne at the BAFTA Awards 2012

Eddie Redmayne About his older brother: I heard my brother on a conference call the other day. My jaw dropped to the floor as all these financial terms came pouring out of his mouth. Words I'd never heard of. I was impressed. I had the feeling that I had grown up with my brother and knew everything about him, except this massive thing that I didn't have a clue about, which is what he did at work. My post about James

Eddie with Tom on 09 February, 2013 at the  Berlin Film Festival, Les Miserables Premiere 

It is no coincidence that Eddie attended in the grand opening of The Warner Brothers Studio Tour - The Making Of Harry Potter on 31 March 2012.
Something about Eddie’s half-brother Charlie Redmayne:
Charlie didn’t go to University, he spent four years as a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards (1985-89). He was the CEO of Pottermore, where he’s been since 2011, Charlie was EVP and chief digital officer at HarperCollins, splitting time between the U.S. and London. Before that, he served as head of commercial partnerships at BSkyB. Recently he has been appointed CEO of HarperCollins U.K.

Articles about Charlie Redmayne:

The article contains a video interview with him about Pottermore from 2012.

YouTube videos: 
Charlie Redmayne, CEO of Pottermore, introduces Pottermore, the new Harry Potter focused service, and discusses his participation at The London Book Fair's Digital Minds Conference 2012.
Charlie Redmayne on the success of Pottermore
Charlie Redmayne, CEO of Pottermore, describes the success of the Harry Potter focused service „Pottermore": How does the service earn money? What about the ebook sales? Which publishers or brands can transfer the Pottermore-model?

Photos source: tumblr blogs (my favorite blogs)
The James Redmayne's photo with sunglasses is from his twitter profile.

Updete November 20, 2013, article about Charlie Redmayne:
HarperCollins UK boss tells publishers: take storytelling back from digital rivals

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  2. Is anything known about Eddie Redmayne's maternal grandfather? His mother's maiden name is Patricia Burke.

    1. I didn't find much about him yet. I only know, that he lived in Edinburgh with his family, but he's no longer alive. In an interview after Eddie's Oscar win his grandmother Mary Burke mentioned (she's more than 90 year's old), that he would have been very proud of Eddie too.

  3. Is it true that Eddie's maternal grandfather, Thomas R. Burke, was from Ireland?

    1. I read that his mother's family has Irish roots and Burke is an Irish name, but I'm sorry I don't know if his grandfather or one of his earlier ancestors came from Ireland. I couldn't find a source for this information.

  4. there's definitely a bit of irish in him just by looking at him

  5. I found a quite good summary about the family here, though I noticed a few inaccuracies. The author misspelled Stephen Hawking's name. The part about Eddie's paternal grandfather John Marriner Redmayne is also faulty,the first Chief Inspector of Mines was his father, Eddie's great grandfather Sir Richard Augustine Studdert Redmayne. Eddie's Florence date with Hannah in 2012 was not a filming trip. This happened before he started shooting Les Mis in London, after he finished the rehearsals.

  6. Incredible Actor👍👍👍👏


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