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Savage Grace - The movie and the true story - pictures, quotes, articles

Eddie Redmayne About his controversial role in 'Savage Grace': As a young actor, it's incredibly rare to be cast in a part as meaty as that. When I read the script I was astounded by it and then I read the book, which was a wonderfully fleshed out version of the script. He was an extraordinary man so I had absolutely no reservations whatsoever. I was desperate to try and get that part.

About working with Julianne Moore: She's sensational. Julianne is so instinctive and natural. She didn't rehearse a huge amount. It would just kind of come out of nowhere.

About filming a sex scene with Julianne Moore as his mother: Actually, the real embarrassing moment was doing that scene in the audition. You don't actually physicalize it, but you're sat opposite each other and at that point you've never met the person and you're entire knowledge of them comes from having seen them on the big screen. Sitting there opposite Julianne in the office in New York while she's saying some of that stuff is just beyond extreme. But, of course, when you get to the reality of shooting the film it's so desexualised. It's in no way a sexual experience. (quotes source) 
Audio - Eddie Redmayne - Film Weekly Interview mp3
Video - Nice interview with Eddie about Savage Grace
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Savage Grace – The book and the film

The book takes the form of an oral history through interviews, private letters, diaries and hospital and prison records. Given the circles that the Baekelands moved in, the list of interviewees is quite astounding and includes Cecil Beaton, Dominic Dunne, Sam Green, Jasper Johns, William Styron and Andy Warhol. Savage Grace was made into a film in 2007 starring the wonderful Julianne Moore as Barbara, Stephen Dillane as Brooks and Eddie Redmayne as Antony. It didn’t get amazing reviews but I thought it perfectly captured the excruciating tension and unhappiness in the Baekeland’s lives. Both highly recommended by moi!

OK! Magazine - Savage Grace Certificate tbc
Julianne Moore is terrific as the frivolous, outwardly fabulous but desperately unhappy jet-setter, while Brit actor Eddie Redmayne proves he’s one to watch in his role as her son. This has some real attention-grabbing moments: watch out for a jaw-dropping bedroom scene involving Hugh Dancy…

The true story about the Baekeland family and the murder

Fatal Seduction: How a society millionairess seduced her own son to 'cure' him of being gay... and paid with her life 
A long article, that tells the true story of the Baekeland family in detail, illustrated with pictures from the movie. full article…

He will kill you: Shrink warned mother of Baekeland plastics heir
Tony Baekland killed his mother Barbara 18 days after a shrink had warned that he would. 'Your son is going to kill you,' he told her. 'I think you’re at grave risk.' full article…

 Antony Baekeland

Sam Green with John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Washington 1977 (x)

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