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The Good Shepherd 2006 - filmography (fotos, quote, videos, review)

"THE GOOD SHEPHERD" (2006) Review
„But there were plenty of other good supporting performances. … Eddie Redmayne held his own with both Matt 
Damon and Angelina Jolie as the Wilsons' intimidated and resentful son, Edward Wilson Jr.”  full article

Eddie Redmayne About filming Angelina Jolie's son in 'The Good Shepherd': That remains the most amazing 
but terrifying moment of my life. I was living in a hotel in New York and taken in a blacked-out car to Brooklyn every morning, where there would be paparazzi lining the streets waiting for Angelina and for Matt Damon, who was also 
in it. You walked in and there were huge sets and I could just see money everywhere. Then I'd get into costume and 
be there with the lovely, but the superstar Angelina, and the camera is right here and someone says: 'Act'. All that money and, actually, it is just about what you do with your face. (source

Set photos:

In this video list there are interviews with Eddie and other members of the cast. Eddie is really cute. In the second video you can watch one of Eddie's scenes from the movie. The next video is a trailer. Eddie does not appear in this, maybe only for a second, but we can learn much about the film. It's possible that some of the videos are not available in your country :( You can watch the videos on YouTube here.

Robert De Niro Discusses 'The Good Shepherd' - interview
Metacritic site - Rotten Tomatoes

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Total Film asked Robert De Niro in an interview about the young actors he thinks are as intense as the young Pacino, Nicholson or him. He mentioned, that there's an English actor in his film Eddie Redmayne and he was searching for the right actor for that role for a long time. He also mentioned Jude Law, Matt Damon and Sean Penn. He thinks these guys...they are taken seriously. - via mozgokep blog
(I couldn't find the original interview from 2007, this is based on the Hungarian article)

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