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Quotes about Eddie’s favorite colour - IKB

Les Misérables NYC Premiere 10th December, 2012 (Picture source)

The New Guard: Eddie Redmayne – W Magazine
Eddie Redmayne, who sings, leads a revolution, and breaks hearts in the movie version of Les Misérables, was staring at an abstract landscape by Gustav Klimt at the Neue Galerie in Manhattan on a freezing afternoon in early February. “Look at that,” he said, pointing to a small bright blue patch in the upper left corner of the canvas. Redmayne, who is 31 but has the boyish exuberance of the perpetually curious, majored in art history at Cambridge and wrote his dissertation on the artist Yves Klein and his signature color: a pure electric blue that nearly matches the shade in the Klimt. “I’m color-blind, but I can pick out that blue anywhere,” Redmayne said and walked toward the painting in a sort of trance. “I wrote 30,000 words on this color, and I never grew tired of it. The pigment is staggering. It’s amazing that a color can be so emotional. One can only hope to achieve that intensity in acting.” (full article)

Personal Quotes – IMDB
[about his favorite color] The color that Yves Klein does. Wet paint has a luminosity that dies when it dries and it loses the gloss. So Yves created this color scientifically that retains that luminosity. He was a big showman, so he got it copyrighted. The color is called IKB-International Klein Blue. And it sounds all bullshit-y and ridiculous, but when you stand in front of those canvases, the color is sublime and dumbfounding. So that specific color is my favorite color in the world. Are you going to follow this up with a colorblind question? (No, wasn't planning on it, but if you want to discuss it. [interviewer v. salisbury]) No, I talk passionately about that color and then people go "but you're colorblind." And I go, "I know. I don't know what I see but I see it and I like it. 

Blue Venus by Yves Klein
(Picture source)


I changed the background color of my blog to blue, because Eddie's favorite colour is International Klein Blue. I wanted a background that is associated with him and does not degrade the visibility and legibility. Maybe this isn't the exact blue color, but it is similar.

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