Friday, September 27, 2013

Gunman Eddie - photos and gifs from Eddie's films

Eddie Redmayne as Thomas Babbington, holds a gun to Queen Elizabeth I. (Cate Blanchette) 
in the film "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" . 

The use of guns leads to tragic murders and accidents in the movies "Like Minds" and "Hick".

In "Powder Blue" Charlie (Forest Whitacker) offers money and hold out his gun, 
because he wants Qwerty to shoot him.

In "Birdsong" Eddie as Stephen Wraysford - an English soldier - fights 
in the horrific trenches of northern France in the First World War.

 And of course, in "Les Miserables" the revolutionaries are fighting for their rights with weapons.

Gifs are from my favorite tumblr blogs

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