Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Theory of Everything - First pictures of Eddie playing Stephen Hawking on film shoot

I love these photos. I've waited a long time to see new things about Eddie's works, especially the Theory of Everything film. I was also wondering how Eddie will look as Stephen Hawking. These first photos are so cute, that I couldn't wait, I had to put them into my blog right away. 

Eddie Redmayne has transformed himself into a young Stephen Hawking. He was pictured today cycling in Cambridge University’s St John’s College wearing Prof Hawking’s trademark spectacles. Film crews have taken over the Backs in Queen’s Road this week to shoot The Theory of Everything

"Theory of Everything" is set to be filmed at a Beaconsfield pub next week. Film crews are due to shoot scenes at The Royal Standard of England in Forty Green. The pub will be transported back in time to 1963, with Eddie acting out scenes from the scientist’s Cambridge University days. (source)

Fan photo - jellycar


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