Sunday, October 30, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning interview

Eddie Redmayne on being called nice: "Nice is boring. 
But I'd rather be nice than reprehensible, toxic." (x)

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne: "I've never been someone that was
sort of blessed with innate talent...I had to work at it." (x)


Never before seen baby Eddie photos

Globe Theatre visit

Walk in London

Eddie Redmayne on fame: "you still live your own way and you carve
your own path. And the rest is noise, really." (x)


"I find that what doubt does, or fear, is it makes you come up with as many 
ideas as you possibly can. And on film that works 'cause you're then handing 
over that fear to the director, who has to make sense of all those options"

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They made recordings on Sunday October 9, 2016 in London
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maddie_rolfe: Okay Eddie, if you insist... #papped ūüďł #eddieredmayne @cbstv


  1. Hi, Jutka :) Do you know school's name when Eddie studied in kindergarten and primary school before Eton College ? Thank you

    1. Sorry for the late answer, I was very busy. I read that before Eton Eddie went to Colet Court prep school (now St Paul's Juniors) source:


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