Thursday, October 13, 2016

The cast of Fantastic Beasts promote the film today

amazingeddieredmayne: Holy cheekbones Redmayne 💕 spotted today at BBC Radio 2 😍 (x)


Charlene White ‏@CharleneWhite (x): Lovely to interview Eddie Redmayne and the stars of
@jk_rowling’s new Harry Potter flick “Fantastic Beasts” ahead of tonight’s premiere!

amazingeddieredmayne: Photo call for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ in London today ⚡️🔮 
photos by Anthony Harvey(x)   

New poster

fantasticbeastsofficial: Check out the special Fantastic Beasts poster handed out at our Global Fan Event today with IMAX. Don’t miss our live Q&A with the cast in 30 minutes… Stay tuned!

Daily Mail: Eddie Redmayne displays his youthful good looks at 
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them photocall in London

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