Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Fantastic Beasts stills and emojis - Eddie on David Yates

Eddie Redmayne said to the Pottermore correspondent: ‘David has such a lovely manner,’ Eddie Redmayne 
tells me. ‘He has an incredible kindness and warmth. He brings out the best in people. When you’re the director 
on a film like this, you are juggling so many departments. It’s like you are having to man this huge liner of a ship. 
'From an actor’s point of view, you can get a little worried that with so much else going on... will the director be focused on making sure the performances are right? What’s wonderful about David is that, for all that chaos, 
he is the strongest of acting directors. I’ve just enjoyed his company so much.’

David Yates about working on these films:...Why wouldn’t you enjoy this process and the game we get to play together? It’s so much fun. It’s like being nine years old and someone gives you a big train set and they say,
“Go on, have fun.” And so you do. “And remember to bring your favourite friends to play!” The studio’s supportive,
my producer is lovely, J.K. Rowling is lovely, my cast is lovely... Everyone is very kind, too, so it just kind of works.
It’s easy.’

 Official stills in Portus' facebook album
Hi Res pictures

Read more in the new Pottermore article here about what the other cast members 
(Alison Sudol, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler and Ezra Miller) think about David Yates.

 Comparing yesterdays new poster releases and their emoji counterparts! First up Queenie Goldstein (x)

 Next up her sister and Newt's future wife Tina! (x)

 The no-maj of the series: Jacob (x)

 And then the main main himself Newt (x)

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#FBNewt #FBTina #FBJacob #FBQueenie

Update: more emojis for #WizardingWednesdays

#FBNiffler #FBBowtruckle #FBSwoopingEvil #FBThunderbird

An edition of the New York Ghost newspaper from Fantastic Beasts (x)

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