Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TToE London Premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square on December 9, 2014 in London

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Daily Mail: Physicist Stephen Hawking arrives united with his first wife at premiere of his biopic, to see themselves portrayed by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones

Just Jared: Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones Meet Up with the Real Stephen & Jane Hawking at 'Theory of Everything' Premiere!

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2014 > December 9 | The Theory of Everything London Premiere

PREMIERES.CO: 'The Theory of Everything' Premiere

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Stephen HawkingWatching the The Theory of Everything Movie at the London premiere last night was an intense emotional experience for me. It is perhaps the closest I will come to time travel. Based on Jane's book, it follows our life together exploring the mysteries of the universe. I enjoyed watching it with my family and friends, and I hope audiences around the world enjoy it as well. -SH

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