Saturday, December 21, 2013

News about Eddie 20-21 December 2013 - photos with fans

GQ’s 25 Most Stylish Men of 2013

3. Eddie Redmayne - full list here
Simply put, we can’t think of another young actor who killed it so consistently on the red carpet in 2013. Redmayne has established himself as an expert when it comes to how a suit should fit and his sleek Burberry suits and McQueen tuxes made every other guy look like he could use a trip to the tailor. Mix that with a fearlessness of bold plaids, tweed three-piece rigs, and the ability to layer like the best of them, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Redmayne is gunning for the top of this list in 2014. ( x ) via sirredmayne

Eddie in the Ellen Degeneres Show - gifs from the video here
Eddie Redmayne was one of the guests in the Show last year on 19th December. (video on YouTube)
He talked about Eton and Prince William, Tom Hooper and the horse riding in Elizabeth I and Les Mis.
Update 29th Dec 2013:
I'm sorry but the video is no longer available, it was on YouTube for a week.
You can watch the interview here, but the quality is bad.
Update 16 Feb 2014: New video on YouTube: Ellen Show fulllink2

Xmas Shopping on 20th December - photos with fans
Eddie's been shopping yesterday on Bond street. He met fans in Selfridges.

( x ) 

She wrote this yesterday: "Met Eddie Redmayne in Selfridges today!!!! He’s so kind and lovely!" ( x )

She wrote: "I nearly died! I am so smitten with him!" ( x )

I wonder where he travelled?

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  1. Eddie travelled to Edinburgh to visit his grandmother and other family members who live there


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