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Your Cumberbitch - Eddie to Benedict

Eddie Redmayne has many actor friends, one of them is
Benedict Cumberbatch. (IMDB)
They worked together two times. First in the Other Boleyn Girl, in which Benedict was the first and Eddie was the second husband of Mary Boleyn. Second time on 14th Nov 2010, when they both performed in the Children's Monologues at the Old Vic Theatre.

Benedict Cumberbatch: the ideal Holmes (The Telegraph article)
...As we leave, his phone buzzes. It’s a text from Eddie Redmayne, friend and fellow rising star. It ends: “I will always be your Cumberbitch. Eddie.” We laugh. These days even Cumberbatch’s friends are in his fan club...
Photo on the left ( x ): Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch at the press night of Now or Later (July 2010)

I made a screenshot from the only scene of The Other Boleyn Girl, where we can see them together. Unfortunately it's not too sharp, because they were on the move, came galloping  on horseback towards the court.

Eddie Redmayne quote about Cumberbithes ( x ):
"Benedict Cumberbatch is a mate of mine, and we did a charity show at the Old Vic together. There was this group of women outside the theatre who name themselves 'the Cumberbitches' and follow him round the world. I have nothing like that. I really wouldn't know what to do with the situation."

My post: Dramatic Need charity - Children's Monologues 2010 - ARTiculate 2013 (photo below)

First look: Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking (Yahoo article)
Redmayne, who shot to international acclaim playing Marius in Tom Hooper's 'Les Miserables', joins Benedict Cumberbatch in playing the acclaimed physicist.

The 'Star Trek' and 'Fifth Estate' star played him in the BBC production 'Hawking'.
For his portrayal Benedict was nominated for BAFTA TV Award in 2005 and won Golden Nymph Award in the cathegory "Television Films - Best Performance by an Actor" in the Monte-Carlo TV Festival in 2004.
This was a breakthrough performance for him.

You can watch the BBC Hawking movie HERE.
The Youtube video list contains Hawking documentaries too.
Another link to the full movie.
Eddie vs. Benedict | ES Magazine, December 9, 2011 ( x )

Brent Spiner’s Benedict Cumberbatch story told on Nerdist Podcast 212. (via Cumberbatched)
Nerdist Podcast: Brent Spiner (from about 36:14)

[Brent Spiner]: My family and I went to London in New years, and we were eating at a restaurant with Patrick (Stewart) called The Ivy, which is an amazing place which is a threatre restaurant. People have been going there Noel Coward and Olivier. And we saw Benedict Cumberbatch across the room!
*pause for audience cheer*
[Matt Mira]: Oh, that’ll get a room going.
[Chris Hardwick]: Such an amazing actor
[Jonah Hill]: *at a girl’s reaction to Benedict’s name* Your face is amazing!
[Matt]: She just Cumberbatched!
[Brent]: That is undoubtedly the biggest reaction I got so far today.
[Brent] So, we saw BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH across the room. He was sitting with Eddie Redmayne. I don’t know if you know Eddie. Anyway, Benedict saw Patrick and myself and he came over to the table and said,
“I have to talk to you.”
And Patrick said, “All right…call me.”
He said, “No no, I have to talk to you NOW.”
Patrick said, “What is it?”
“I’ve just agreed to do the new Star Trek movie.”
“No, really?”
Then he said “Well, is it going to damage my career?”
I said, “Let me tell you something, Benedict. You’ll never work again after this.”
A bubble and squeak came out of his mouth and I don’t know what that is. But they serve it at the Ivy.

Photos: Eddie and Benedict at J Sheeley Restaurant on June 15 2009 by Alison Jackson (x) Higher rez here

Benedict Cumberbatch: My mum says I'm like Sherlock (RadioTimes interview)
The assumption in some quarters that Cumberbatch is very posh comes from his schooling: he was privately educated, including at Harrow, one of Britain's elite public schools. "I was desperately proud of my parents for sending me to Harrow. It was a huge stretch for them. They were working actors who never knew when the next pay day might come"....
"People have tried to pull together a pattern because Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Damian Lewis and I were all privately educated. But James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy weren’t and they’re equally talented. It’s just lazy to try to create a private-school elite."
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