Thursday, December 12, 2013

Carol concert - Redmayniacs in Eton on 11th December 2013

Chrissie's report about the evening here

Eddie with Hannah at the event

Pure fun and wine with Eddie Redmayne - Chrissie's photos ( x & x )
Great night for Chrissie, Olivia, Gaby, Tracy and Maria Cristina.
The photos with Chrissie and Eddie on it were taken by Hannah.
Eddie wrote this to Chrissie: Chris Merry Merry Xmas and Masses of Love
Eddie and Chrissie video HERE
Chrissie's report about the night HERE
Maria Christina gave that book to him as a gift from the Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog.
Eddie write a message For the Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog followers - video HERE

Source: ( x & x & x ) edited
Maria Cristina with Eddie - Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog ( x )

This is what happens when you get a selfie with Eddie after a few glasses of champagne!!! 
Tracy and Eddie ( x ) More photos about Tracy, Eddie and Hannah ( x )

The Girls !!!!!!! From left: Gaby behind Olivia, Olivia, Tracy, Stefania 82, Chrissie and Hannah. ( x )

source Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog ( x - x - x - x - x  some photos are edited)

Eddie read this poem:
London Snow

Text of the poem here

My post 25th November:
Eton Chapel Concert - 11 December 2013
Post about the program, the performers and  

the Berkshire Macmillan Cancer Support.

Greetings and best wishes from Eddie for all us!!!!
Olivia with Jason Isaacs ( x )                                               Eddie with Olivia ( x )                          

Lola's Tea Party
A Christmas Treat From Me to You

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