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Eddie at LAX - Les Mis promo tour from November 2012 to April 2013

As part of the Les Mis promotional campaigne Eddie Redmayne travelled a lot for a few month. He often turned up at the LAX Airport
LAX Nov 27 2012 - Eddie flew from LA. He was there on the first LA screening of  Les Mis and gave interviews along with the other cast members. On 2nd Dec. he attended on Les Mis screening and press Junket in NYC, after that he flew back to London to the World Premiere on 5th Dec.The next day he was a presenter at the Sun Military Awards took place at the Imperial War Museum in London. For the next events he had to fly back to NYC. From 10-11th Dec. he was in the Today Show, attended the Les Mis NYC Premiere and the Hugh Jackman Tribute at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Lax Dec 13 2012 - Arrived to LA from NYC. On 15th Dec. he attended the Les Mis SAG screening and gave interviews.  Eddie spent a few days in LA, then returned home to London for the Holydays..

Jan 5 2013 Eddie and Tom Hooder arrived at LAX from London. On 5-6th Jan he attended the Palm Springs Film Festival with Tom Hooper, then flew to NYC on 8th for one day to the NBR Awards.

Jan 9 2013 Eddie Redmayne arrived back Los Angeles. He signed autographs (video) and collected his luggage, then stopped by Starbucks for a coffee before heading out the door.
Eddie Redmayne Stays Sexy while Singing Signing Stuff For Fans At LAX!
On 9th Jan he presented an award at the People Choice Awards, and he was a presenter too on 10th Jan at the Critics Choice Awards. He attended on 11th Jan the AFI Awards Luncheon and on 13th Jan the Golden Globe Awards.

Jan 15 2013 He travelled back to London, attended the recording of Jonathan Ross Show and flew to Berlin to the Hugo Boss Show.

Eddie arrived at LAX on Jan 25 2013 - Eddie went back to LA. On 26th he attended the PGA, then on 27th the SAG Awards, then on 29th he went to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. After that he travelled back to London again and on 4th Feb. he attended the London Evening Standard British Film Awards. This was followed by two Les Mis premieres, on 6th Feb. in Paris, then on 9th Feb in Berlin. He flew back to London and attended the BAFTA Awards on 10th Feb.

LAX Feb 20 2013 - Eddie arrived at LAX for the Oscar weekend.
"The actors are coming! On Thursday Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Sally Field, Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Radcliffe all landed in LAX airport. The Les Mis star had an Alexander McQueen suit bag with him - which could be an indicator to what he'll be wearing at the Awards on Sunday night. Without an entourage, Eddie picked up his own suitcases - one by luggage brand Rimowa - and waited for his ride alone to escort him to his hotel."( x )
"Eddie Redmayne arrived in LA with ... a lot of luggage. Given that he’s been the best dressed man so far during award season, this is understandable. He needs his gear." ( x )
He attended the Vanity Fair and the Universal Pre-Oscar Party, then on 24th Feb the Oscars. After the Oscars he flew back to London again.

It was a very busy awards season for him. 

Photos source:, Zimbio & Contactmusic. Eddie Redmayne Spain

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