Friday, December 27, 2013

Eddie on Boxing Day - new photos and family tradition

New photos about Eddie Redmayne from Twitter and Instagram. Based on the pictures I think Eddie knows
this nice family. Maybe they are his friends or neighbors?

Boxing Day drinks with Eddie Redmayne - Leona Mani - source ( x ) via sirredmayne
Eddie with Anoushka and Pria Mani - source ( x ) via sirredmayne

Something about Leona Mani - As the managing director of, Leona aims to raise awareness 
of the huge range of Fairtrade products available and also to promote smaller businesses. 
After graduating in International Business, Leona worked in Hong Kong and India where she gained first hand experience of trading in the textile industry. Leona is also a governor of a C of E primary school in Central London. 
She is the founder of My Fabulous Collection (Unique Luxury Gifts Online)

Holiday tradition in the family

"Every Christmas Eve, the actor Eddie Redmayne cooks a ham. He tends to this ham with the utmost care and devotion, adding a little brown sugar here; a few more cloves there. It takes him hours, if not a whole day. For those of us who partake regularly of the Redmayne ham – he and I go back a long way – and it seems to get better every Christmas, as if he’s been quietly, stealthily striving to improve the recipe all year round. Yet no matter how magnificent it tastes, how tenderly it melts in the mouth, he will brook no compliments of the ham. Invariably, he will instead point out what he could, should have done better."
- Clemency Burton-Hill

( x )
I enjoy getting mustard and sugar and... smothering... it's the best.
Youtube video link: POPSUGAR interview

What is Boxing Day? Why is it Called Boxing Day?

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