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Jack Jackson - stonemason, sculptor

I didn't post enough about the Pillars of the Earth yet. I saw Eddie Redmayne first in this series. The book is one of
my favorites and I was excited when it was adapted on TV screen. Here are some screencaps (some of them are cropped) about Jack's work as a stonemason (sculptor). Screencaps source: Eddie Redmayne Spain galeria


The Pillars of the Earth - ep 104 "Battlefield". Waleran (Ian McShane) and Jack (Eddie Redmayne)
exchange "words" about Jack's family.

On the set of POTE - gif source sirredmayne

Post about the Pillars of the Earth by buttered toast (full post here)
And that’s about all the effort I’m willing to put in trying to disguise this post for what it really is. I just love Eddie Redmayne’s role here so much I just can’t anymore! This is a quick Jack the Builder appreciation post.
So he’s a bastard of a french bard of some sort and a novice nun. He starts off mute or just severely anti-social, having grown up alone in the woods with his mother but as the story progresses you’ll see he has a spine-tingling perfect kind of speaking voice (POTE interview).

Then he apprentices as a stonemason, tries his hand in sculpting and studies geometry and architecture and becomes a masterbuilder. Very smart and talented. Valiant and strong-willed and — I remember joking that in a perfect future I’d be muse to a tall, lean, muscular sculptor with perfect teeth and pelvic lines…let’s just say I’m not quite kidding about that anymore. Man
And I like how he’s a non-gay kind of guarded and hesitant to a girl he likes like this character Kvothe in my current favorite book, The Name of the Wind. Look at the way he tries to explain his craft to Aliena in this episode. Every girl, WATCH THAT CLIP.

Jack Jackson on Wikia

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