Friday, December 13, 2013

New photos 12-13th December 2013

12th Dec.2013.- Just seen Eddie Redmayne on the tube (Holly Mattar, Lambeth London)

Mario Testino uploaded this photo to Instagram on 13th Dec.2013. ( x )
Eddie Redmayne with Hugh Grant and James Corden.

13th Dec.2013 - Sneaky photo of Eddie Redmayne outside the shop! ( x )
Eddie’s been x-mas shopping today. Seen in Hatton Garden, then Bond Street.

This one is not new, but I found it only now on Twitter, uploaded on 13th Dec.2013 ( x )
I searched the photo on GOOGLE and found it in the Gallery of a Vogue UK article
Crazy Cabaret - Parisian cabaret show Le Crazy Horse debut in London 24 May 2011
Eddie's friend Jamie Dornan attended the event too.

If you know something more about these photos, please write a comment! 


  1. The one with Hugh Grant may be the after party of the British Comedy Awards which was on last night and James Corden attended.

  2. I feel like the first pic cant have been from 12-13 of december, more like june 2013

    1. This was published on 12 Dec., but I don't know when it was taken.


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